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Comenius Program 2012/2014 Bilateral partnerships

The project "Crossing border communicating business", developed by a team of Samokov Vocational School of Tourism, has been approved for implementation by the Center for Human Resources Development - Sofia.

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Program, the Comenius Sectoral Program, and the Bilateral School Partnerships. Its duration is 2 years. The coordinator of the project is the Bulgarian school, and the partner is the Zagreb Art High School. Croatia.

The Comenius Bilateral Partnership gives our school a great chance to motivate students to acquire new knowledge using the Learning by Doing method, provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice several European languages, discover information about other cultures and to acquire basic skills for creating and implementing business ideas. The main goal of the project is to form an entrepreneurial spirit in young people

The mission of the partnership is to motivate young people from Bulgaria and Croatia in the process of learning foreign languages, to make this process attractive, to encourage them to live in harmony with nature and society.

The first goal of the project is to give students working with mini-companies the opportunity to create cross-border international partnerships as part of their experience. Through a website, teachers and schools will register to participate and students will be able to upload their company profiles. During these two years, students will share good ideas for selling products in foreign markets, reducing the cost of obtaining certain services or product components from other countries, as well as visiting the markets of each of the partner countries.

Project goals:

To enable young people to be confident in their own abilities and ambition for success, to improve their English language skills, as well as to get to know the mother tongue of the partner (Bulgarian and Croatian), to encourage active cultural life, entrepreneurial spirit among teachers and students, to develop the understanding of the economic principles of European trade, to acquaint students with trade abroad, the creation and management of enterprises, to develop communication, analytical thinking and decision-making skills, to promote attitudes towards personal success, lifelong learning and employability.

Language of the partnership: English

Students who are interested in entrepreneurship, have skills in the field of information and communication technologies, speak a very good level of English and have creative talents and ideas will be admitted to participate in the project.

You will receive more detailed information about the selection of the team of students and the start of the project on the school's website and on the Facebook page.

School project coordinator: Radina Marincheva

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