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Vocational School of Tourism has been working on projects since 2009. 

Over the years, the high school has participated in a number of projects under national, European and international programs. Experience shows that working on established programs achieves higher motivation among both students and staff. The exchange of experience inevitably increases the capacity of the organization and increases the competitiveness of students.


As a school focused on vocational education, we annually conduct student internships in order to acquire new knowledge in a partner country. Over 200 students have made mobility in the last 10 years. Among the countries we have worked with are Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Greece.

The high school has a Mobility Charter and a Quality Certificate.


Exchange of innovative practices within the National Park "Innovation in Action".  

The national program provided an opportunity  of 16 students and 12 teachers to implement  mobility - site visit - to participate in demonstrations and  monitoring of innovations in M. Lomonosov High School, Sofia. It was within four days  shared  experience and experience  change in attitudes towards work and school.


Borislava Hadjiyska 




You can also visit the individual subpages of the projects we have worked on. 

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