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PG in tourism - Samokov - innovative school - 2019-2023

Looking to the future with innovative vocational training

Strategic goal of innovation

Introduction of holistic training concerning the educational ones
programs in the part of professional training through integrative subjects and innovative methods
of teaching: learning by doing and experiencing, project-based learning and the method “students
train students ".

Objectives aimed at:

Students :
- Improving vocational training, developing creativity and self-confidence
- Increasing the motivation to study the respective profession. Preparation for the labor market

Teachers :
- Testing of innovative methods to be applied to other students.
- Creating a training course

The school :
- To establish itself in the region

Project information

The main focus when working with students is the development of professional skills of the chosen one
specialty through a lot of practice and work with companies and industry representatives. The project combines
the study of subjects from the specific professional training theory and practice, covering
state requirements with the needs of modern business and the development of practical skills in
mastering a profession.

The essence of innovation

the holistic combination of theoretical and practical classes and the application of learning by doing and experiencing, project-based learning and changing the learning environment.

Plan: Students in the specialty "Catering" - dual system of education (9 in 2019-20) and specialty "Organization of tourism and leisure (10 in 2019-20) and class study holistically innovative subject" Hospitality in the tourism industry '. The conduct of the classes is arranged in blocks, and parents and teachers are included in their conduct. The venues are the art gallery, the historical museum, the regional library and the cultural and historical sites in the region, in hotels and restaurants.


For students majoring in "Catering" is organized the integration of theoretical and practical subjects, and in 9th grade was introduced a new subject "Technology of catering event" - 108 hours, within the RPP, in 10th grade Culinary products and beverages for catering ”- integrative subject of theory and practice (2 hours of theory and 3 hours of practice) - 90 hours in 11th grade“ Culinary products and drinks for catering ”- integrative subject of theory and practice (2 hours of theory and 4 practice) - 108 hours, in 12th grade - the subject "Organization of a catering event" (1 hour of theory and 1 hour of practice) - 62 hours.

For students majoring in "Organization of tourism and leisure" is organized integration of the following subjects in theory and practice: "Technology and organization of tourist services" 10th grade - 90 hours of RPP and "Guide service" 11 class. 126 hours and 87 hours in 12th grade.

Effect of the implementation of the innovation:
 development of creative and professional thinking;
 teamwork and cooperation;
 self-discovery;
 responsibility for one's own education;
 respect for others and professionalism.
 strengthen the desire to learn,
 creativity and increased interest.

In this way we improve the overall educational results of the students involved.

Products: the team participates in the creation of an interactive electronic manual for professional training in the field of tourism, which will be available on the school's website and on the platform of the school's electronic diary.

Other information: by changing the learning environment, student-student interaction is encouraged, cooperation and group and team work are developed. The learning environment demonstrates the value of collaboration and provokes students to work together. They are given the opportunity to directly observe the results of their own efforts and actions. Students can experiment, accept challenges and responsibilities. Students have a variety of materials to share. In a positive learning environment, a favorable emotional climate and a specific organization of learning is created, which ensures the fulfillment of the tasks for the day in a relaxed and entertaining way.

Innovative class - teacher A. Popova

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